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How to Fix Screen Colour Changes in Mountain Lion #OSX

How to Fix Screen Colour Changes in Mountain Lion #OSX

I recently upgraded to Mountain Lion when it was released. The download took a while – as you’d imagine with a 4Gb payload – and the installer did hang at the end, though a reboot fixed this.

However, the biggest problem I had was that the screen brightness and colour changed when I ran different applications. It was consistent for each application – Google Chrome made the screen brighter or washed out, Adobe InDesign threw a blue hue over the screen (as did a couple of other apps). As a web designer, it makes it difficult to design when the screen changes colour!

Digging around on the web showed I was not alone (which meant it wasn’t a localised hardware problem) and there appeared to be an easy fix: Sort out the permissions on some of the system files.

This is an automated procedure which takes a while and can be implemented as follows:

  1. Open the DISK UTILITY program in the UTILITIES folder under APPLICATIONS.
  2. Click the REPAIR PERMISSIONS button and let it do its thing (I usually click VERIFY PERMISSIONS first out of curiosity to see what’s wrong before I let the machine start changing things, but that’s just me being cautious – probably a hang over from my Windows days when automated programs often did more than you expected!)

Disk Utilities Application in the UTILITIES folder

Disk Utility Application

This worked for me (and many others out there on the Internet). It also helped speed up my upgraded Mac – a few applications invoked the spinning colour wheel of death before I fixed the permissions, but the machine now runs much more smoothly after the permissions were fixed.

Good luck with this resolution and let me know if you needed to do anything else on your machine in the comments below to help other readers out. Thanks.

  • Peter

    These workarounds do not solve the problem. APPLE MUST publish an update as soon as possible.

  • Edward Terry

    Sorry to hear that – this fixed worked for me perfectly. Have you checked the Apple forums for other possibilities?

  • Peter

    Yes I did. It seems to be a bug. I have only restarted PRAM and it does not work. Every time I open a presentation in PowerPoint 2011 the screen becomes blue. That happens also when I open iPhoto, VLC (sometimes), etc. Best regards, Peter

  • Peter

    Yes I tried and it does not work for me

  • Lu’

    didn’t work for me, and i’m all up to date, if i boot snow leopard it’s no problemo. Last time, i tried os Lion i had no speaker output, unfixable with midi or services settings. Apple should just fix the damn bugs when sent to them

  • Edward Terry

    True. This fix isn’t a magic bullet, but it did help me. There are still a couple of other niggles with Mountain Lion that another patch should fix, but they can be lived with.

  • oskwish

    Worked great for me!